Best Embroidery Machine Reviews – Buyer’s guide 2017

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Before starting out our best embroidery machine reviews:

we want to ask you one question.

Have you ever imagined what if your embroidery machine does not have the computer?

Pathetic right!

Actually when the computers were not cheap, doing embroidery was really hectic. At that time designs and patterns were punched on paper tape and then those were run through the embroidery machine.

So naturally one mistake could entirely ruin the design and the creator had to start it over again.

Thanks to our new digital world our embroidery machines are now come in digitize form. It is much easier to do embroidery and takes less time.

For the folks who are passionate about crafting new designs and patterns of embroidery or who run a business selling embroidered material, the market has brought digitized embroidery machine both for home and commercial usage.

Some of the machines are ‘Embroider Only’ which can only be used for doing machine embroidery. So you cannot use them as a regular sewing machine.

Other sewing machines offered by the market are capable of doing anything and everything. You can remove the embroidery unit and use them as sewing machines.

2017's Best Embroidery Machines review

With so many options available it is certainly very difficult to choose one that you actually need. But with this review guide, you can compare and select the best embroidery machine according to your needs.



Embroidery Area

Customer Ratings


Brother PE770

(Editor's choice)


Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE400


Singer XL400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

Singer XL400


Singer Futura XL-550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Singer futura XL-550


Janome memory craft 350E


Singer S10 studio Embroidery Machine

Singer S10 studio

5.5x5.5, 2x2


Brother PE500

(Professional's choice)


Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Brother PE 540D


1. Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine Review:

The Brother PE770 Machine is the most sought after product in the race of best embroidery machines and hence occupied the number 1 position in our recommendation list.​

With the help of advanced technology, the manufacturer has included all the possible features that will make your sewing easier.

Also, you really do not have to stress your time in reading the user manual as this product is made completely user-friendly.

Let’s take a look on the features of this machine and their benefits:

  • Large embroidery area of 5 inches long and 7 inches wide which gives you enough space to monogram large items also it gives you the leverage of combining in-built designs with a minimum amount of rehooping.
  • Along with 136 designs, there are 6 lettering fonts in the library.
  • Built in memory is provided with this machine.
  • The USB card slot and port, let you upload your designs and also the built in memory let you save your designs for future use.
  • You can effortlessly use the LCD touch-screen.
  • The machine comes with the maximum embroidery speed of 650 stitches per minute.
  • Quick–set bobbin to reduce all your effort while adjusting the bobbin.
  • The total weight of the machine is also considerable which comes in 27.8 lbs.
Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine

This extremely affordable machine can be your perfect embroidery companion and greatest investment if it is used to its fullest capacity. Whether you want it for your home or commercial place, you can use it anyway.

2. Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine review:

With the Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery, you can quilt, sew or embroider with ease. This versatile product has amazed its users by its efficiency in all of the features.

So if you need a machine that can fulfil all your sewing requirements in affordable price then opt for this machine. I bet you will be extremely satisfied.

Some of the functions you can perform with this combo machine are

  • Embroidery
  • Overcasting
  • Buttonhole
  • Button fitting
  • Zipper
  • Blind stitch
  • Monogramming

Some of the feature this machine has and their benefits:

  • An embroidery area of 16 square inches which is perfectly capable of giving you enough space to place your material and move your hands freely while embroidering.
  • The software of the machine is packed with 67 stitches and 98 stitch functions which encourage you to experiment on your embroidery as much as you want.
  • ​To ease your work an auto thread cutter and an auto needle threader is included.
  • Also, the machine has its library with 5 lettering fonts, 120 frame patterns, along with 70 designs.
  • LCD touch screen to provide you with effortless functioning.
  • You can easily connect the software of the machine to a computer through the help of USB.
  • The best feature of this machine is the built in tutorials which is perfect for the beginners to learn sewing and embroidery.
  • 7-point feed dogs and a quick-set bobbin system are also added.
  • The weight of the machine is 23.8 lbs.

Other accessories included with this machine are:

  • Embroidery Arm
  • 4 x 4 inches of hoop
  • Arm or accessory compartment
  • Soft cover
  • USB Cable
  • Embroidery bobbin thread
  • Needle set
  • Scissors
  • Seam ripper
  • Cleaning brush
  • Touch Pen
  • Spool caps
  • Screwdrive
Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine
Brother SE400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Naturally, this machine performs a giant work yet comes in a smaller footprint with affordable prices. Users who have used this machine has rated it 4.6 stars out of 5.

3. Singer XL400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review:

If you are looking for a machine that is going to help you both in sewing and embroidery then you really need to have a look at this next generation Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine XL400 from Singer.

The Swift Smart auto needle threader, drop and sew bobbin mechanism, and the numerous sewing stitches are some of the features to name a few.

Also, the option of installing any design you like in the machine is very useful. So you really do not need to stay restricted with the inbuilt designs.​

Some of the features of this product and their benefits:

  • A huge embroidery area of 18.5×11 inches which gives you the facility of using it to the fullest and placing any sized material while sewing.
  • You can connect the software of the machine with a computer via USB cable.
  • A Library with 125 embroidery designs, 5 monogramming fonts, along with 30 sewing stitches also available with this combo machine.
  • 2 hoops are given with this product.
  • SwiftSmart threading system gives you effortless and smart sewing.
  • With the help of drop and sew bobbin system you really have to give less effort.
  • The weight of the product is 49.1 lbs.
  • The auto needle threader is another useful feature.
  • The best feature of the product is the LED lights that keeping the working area brighter.
  • The machine has 2 hoops.
  • With the help of built-in tutorials, you get to learn about all the Know-how of sewing and embroidering.
  • And the 2 auto 1-step buttonholes are also offered by this XL400.
Singer XL400 Combo Sewing and Embroidery Machine Review

This combo sewing and embroidery machine of Singer not only gives you the facility of versatile usage but also let you store it in any place effortlessly because of its smaller footprint.

4. Singer Futura XL-550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine review:

This 2 in 1 Singer Futura XL-550 computerized product offers versatility, affordability, and efficiency to its customer. The product has innumerable features which make it one of the most popular & best embroidery machine in the market. The Singer is no doubt one of the oldest brands in the market and still competing and improving its brand according to customer needs

Some of the features of the products and their benefits are:

  • The product has an automatic Electronic thread cutter that automatically trims the top and bobbin thread when your sewing process is finished.
  • Automatic needle threader and SwiftSmart threading system give you effortless sewing experience and save your valuable time.
  • 10 x 6 inches of the extra large hoop is added with multi-hopping capability.
  • The library has 125 built-in embroidery designs, 20 monogramming fonts and outline lettering.
  • The machine is also included with 251 built-in sewing stitches.
  • 6 fully automatic 1 step buttonholes and 1 endless buttonhole are equipped.
  • The power usage of the machine is 110 volt.
Singer Futura XL-550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

With the inbuilt design, you can include your own preferred ones from your PC directly to the machine via the USB cable given. This product is absolutely capable of working for a household or commercial place. Certainly, it is a great deal from Singer.

5. Janome Memory Craft 350E Embroidery Machine review:

Janome is one of the most popular brands for its dependable and trusted products. Janome Memory Craft 350E Embroidery machine is no different.

Since the day the product is launched in the market its ratings are going up and customers are recommending it in a huge rate. That is why we have given it the 5 th place in our recommendation list.

Some of the features this product has and their benefits:

  • The backlit LCD touch Screen that helps you to insert your requirements step by step in the simplest way.
  • You can choose the size of your hoop from the four hoop sizes available.
  • Three built in alphabets, one hundred built in embroidery designs, ATP-PC cards, and USB memory keys.
  • The weight of the product is only 27 pounds so it is very easy for portability.

This machine from Janome is really affordable which makes it perfect for home use. If you are a beginner in the world of embroidery then the machine is the easiest guide for you. Also, there are sophisticated options for advanced users.


6. Singer S10 studio Embroidery Machine review:

The S10 Studio Embroidery Machine from Singer comes with many features. This product is one of the best embroidery machines from singer because of its dependability and long durability.

Some of the features this product has and their benefits:

  • This product has 3 built in lettering fonts including gothic, script and Cheltenham both in lower and upper case so that you can clearly read the instructions.
  • The machine is equipped with 55 built in ready to sew embroidery design of floral, holiday, cross-stitch, children's designs, crafts and much more. You can select any of them for embroidering.
  • Built in memory and USB port is included with the machine.
  • 5.5 x 5.5 inches and 2 x 2 inches of two embroidery hoops are in the machine.
  • The machine is also included with 2,800 ready to sew designs, auto punch, 100 editable designs, hyper font and advanced editing options.
  • Automatic needle threader, heavy duty metal frame, built-in editing system and top drop-in bobbin system come with this product to give you a memorable embroidering experience.

Many more features are there. Until and unless you use it, you will never make out the usefulness of this machine. You have to connect the machine to your PC to utilize the software. This machine comes at a decent price and can be used in both household and commercial place.

Singer S10 studio Embroidery Machine

7. Brother PE 500 Embroidery machine review:

This product from Brother PE 500 is perfect for those who want to try their luck on embroidery for the first time as it comes in really affordable price. This product is certainly not for commercial users, but advanced users can easily buy this product for their home usage.

Some of the features of the product and their benefits

  • 4 x 4 inches of large embroidery area which give you the independence of doing monogram of large items freely.
  • The library is installed with 70 embroidery designs and 5 fonts.
  • LCD touch screen makes the operation of the machine easier and detailed.
  • The machine is included with accessories and a starter kit.
  • The starter kit has a medium sized hoop, 2 pre-wound bobbins, 3 stabilizer sheets, a small pair of scissors, and 3 spools of embroidery thread.
  • Bobbin winding system so that you can wind the thread easily.
  • Auto needle threader minimizes your labor and saves your time.

This machine is highly recommended for beginners because of its low price and 22 lbs weight. Though most of the advanced users have complained about the insufficient embroidery area, but it is absolutely fine for learning the basics.

Brother PE 500 Embroidery-Only design

8. Brother PE 540D Disney Embroidery Machine review:

This PE 540D Machine is the best embroidery machine for Mickey Mouse fans which is designed from the house of brother. Each of the designs from the Mickey Mouse and friends is very easy to produce. So if you want to make anything embroidered for your kids or grandchildren then this product is the best you can get.

Some of the features this product has and their benefits:

  • 4 x 4 inches of embroidery area to monogram any material with easy to learn and use embroidery offered by this model from Brother.
  • This product is included with 35 inbuilt Disney Embroidery designs, 5 embroidery lettering fonts, 70 decorative designs and 120 frame pattern combinations.
  • The backlit touch screen LCD display helps for easy viewing of the designs and built in tutorials.
  • Updating the machine in future with various designs through PC is also available.
  • USB cable, needle set, bobbins and thread, 4 x 4 inches of embroidery hoop etc are included with the machine.

Automatic needle threader is there also in the machine to give you effortless embroidering with wasting less time. This Disney Mickey Mouse and Friends Embroidering machine is very affordable and helpful for the beginners. Houses with stubborn kids can have this machine as it will keep the mood of the little ones in control.

Brother PE540D 4x4 Embroidery Machine

Different types of embroidery Machines:

After reading our unbiased best embroidery machine review, People's are still confused because of variety of embroidery machines available in the market, we can get embroidery machines according to our specific needs. As manufacturers are now focusing on individual customer needs we can get the below variations in embroidery machines:

A. Best embroidery machine for home business:

To run your home business of embroidery you need an embroidery machine that can be both used in the household and commercial place. But the machine should not be expensive like the commercial ones. It must be affordable, durable and also light in weight, yet it must have all the features that you will need to run an embroidery business.

Choosing the best embroidery machine for a home business is not that easy task, but I will make it easy for you by giving you the Singer S10 studio Embroidery Machine which itself is capable of both household and commercial setting and also come in very affordable rate.

B. Best commercial embroidery machine

Commercial embroidery machines must be of heavy built and should be fast and efficient; simultaneously it must have the capability to run for a longer period without damaging the parts.

The Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine is the best commercial embroidery machine as it comes with the embroidery speed of 650 stitches per minute.

Also, the embroidery area is 5 inches long and 7 inches wide which mean you get enough space for monogramming materials also with minimum rehooping.

Also, the machine is really durable and sturdy so it is perfectly capable of completing a huge workload each day.

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C. Best embroidery machine for beginners

For the beginners, an embroidery machine with a simple guideline and easy functionality is the best choice to buy.

As complex designs and innumerable features make them confuse. So starting with an affordable and simply illustrated machine will be the perfect choice.

The Brother PE 500 Embroidery-Only Machine is the best embroidery machine for beginners. The library of the machine is installed with 70 embroidery designs and 5 fonts and the LCD touch screen makes the operation of the machine easier and detailed.

Also, the machine is included with accessories and a starter kit so that the beginners can get enough opportunity and suitability to start their first embroidery.

D. Best embroidery machine for hats and shirts:

The Singer XL400 Combo Sewing cum embroidery Machine is the best embroidery machine for hats and shirts.

This machine can stitch any shirt from T-shirts, full, or half-shirts also visor, kango, straw hat, skull cap, season, baseball hats etc.

The extra large embroidery area of 18.5 x 11 inches gives you the opportunity to put any sized t-shirt for monogramming. For flawless embroidering LED lights are given for brightening the working surface.

With 125 embroidery design, 5 monogramming fonts and 30 sewing stitches this machine offers you much more than only embroidering hats and t-shirts.

E. Best embroidery machine for monogramming:

The Singer Futura XL-550 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine is the best embroidery machine for monogramming as it let you monogram 20 different types of fonts.

You basically you are getting a wide range of variety of fonts to choose your preferred font for monogramming it in your handkerchief or dress or curtain.

Also, you can upload any design according to your choice via the USB cable from your computer and embroider it into your material.


Previously when the sewing and embroidering techniques emerged, people mainly use it to decor their dresses and houses. With the passing time, the hobby started to earn pennies as embroidered materials started gaining popularity.

Now after so many centuries have passed yet embroidery is accepted and appreciated widely like before. Many people are earning their bread and butter through embroidering whereas for many it is their passion or hobby. No matter what your purpose is buying an appropriate and durable machine is your first priority. We hope this best embroidery machine review guide we have provided you, will help you enough in choosing the appropriate machine.