Best sewing machine reviews (By brands) – Buyer’s guide

Sewing is an art that can be turned into a booming business with the right techniques and instruments.

That is why buying the appropriate & best sewing machine which will be easy-to-use, efficient and long lasting at the same time is crucial.

I learned sewing from my mother when the machines are only found in manual types. Soon I really started feeling passionate about it and now I can proudly say I am an expert in it.

I know your story is also somewhat like this. Sewing is a tradition that passed on from generation to generation. But if you are a beginner in sewing, and want to try your luck, no need to worry, as this buyer’s guide is for everyone.

I am going to give you the best sewing machine reviews by brands so that before doing a lifetime investment, you will be enough confident that you are taking the right decision.

No matter whether you want a machine for learning sewing or to run your business, every detail has been carefully mentioned in this guide.

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2017's Best sewing machines : comparison chart



Built-in Stitches

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Brother CS6000i

(Editor's choice)​


Singer 4411 Heavy Duty


Singer 8763 Curvy


Brother SE400


Janome DC2012 Décor

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Singer 7258


Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW


Brother XL2600i


Types of sewing machines

Before going to the review you must know that what types of options are available for you in the market.

Thanks to the modern technology that manufacturers are now able to make different types of products according to the varied needs of customers.

Sewing machines are largely found in below mentioned types-

1. Industrial or Electronic sewing machines- 

These machines are of sturdy built and heavier in weight as they are intended to use for the factory. Industrial these are generally powered by a single electronic motor.

Two types of motors are used in Industrial sewing machines-

  • Servo motor- runs on less electricity and stops when not in use.
  • Clutch motor: it continues to spin even when the machine is not working.

The motor powers the needle. The users just have to control the speed of the needle while sewing, by putting pressure on the electronic foot pedal.

These machines are specially manufactured for long-term use and high performance hence only made of durable and high-quality metals.

4 types of Industrial sewing machines are there based on the arm and needle post-

  • Flat Bed: Mainly used for sewing fabrics which have flat pieces, the machine has the arm and the needle that extend to the flat base.
  • Post Bed: These machines are mainly used for boot making, glove making and attaching emblems. In each machine a vertical column of 10-45 cm arises above the flat base.
  • Cylinder Bed: Mainly used for sewing cylinder pieces, each machine has a cylinder of 5 to 16 cm diameter and they also have narrow and horizontal columns.
  • Off the Arm: These types of machines are uncommon though very useful in sewing sleeves and shoulders. Usually, the users have to feed the material along the axis of the horizontal column of these machines.

2. Domestic Sewing Machines- 

Certainly these machines are made for household jobs and meant for not doing the heavy task. Also, the materials run on a slower pace and the gears are made of plastic or nylon.

3. Computerized Sewing machines- 

These advanced types of machines have a vast number of functions which are displayed in LED or LCD touch screens. Also, USB ports are available to insert more designs from your computer to the software of the machine. Computerized machines are great helpers for the beginners.

4. Over locker machines-

These machines are used for hemming the edges of a garment. Generally, they automatically cut the edges of the fabric and start hemming. Some machines do not have the cutter. In North America, these machines are known as sergers.

Other than that there are various best sewing machines available for specific tasks like quilting, embroidering, stitching or monogramming. Often sewing and Embroidery machines come in combo so that the user can have access to more functions.

Our Recommended best sewing machines review:

Here are the reviews of most popular & the best sewing machines that are strongly recommended by me and my team. All the features and their benefits are clearly mentioned in each of the sewing machine review.

So if you have already decided that what will be your needs from the machine then consider the benefits. But in case you still haven’t then I advise you to make your needs clear in your mind at first which will certainly help you in buying the correct machine.


Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine review (with 60 Built-in Stitches):

This computerized easy to use, light weight machine from Brother comes in a hard case for safe-keeping; also a printed quick start guide and operation manual is provided with this product by the manufacturer. Hence suitable for the beginners.

It has below features and benefits:

  • Multiple styles of feet- buttonhole, monogramming, zipper, zigzag, button fitting foot, blind stitch and overcasting foot.
  • Along with three bobbins, a diagram is added on the top of the machine to guide you for easy bobbin winding.
  • Star or stop button is included to let you use the machine without the given foot pedal.
  • Twin needles, three spool caps, spool pin, screw driver, cleaning brush, seam ripper, Eyelet punch and six feed dogs are available with this machine.
  • Automatic needle threading system gives you smooth sewing experience.
  • The built-in free arm makes sewing of cuffs and sleeves super easy.
  • The product comes with free 25 years of limited warranty.

Singer 4411 Heavy Duty Extra-High Speed Sewing Machine review:

Singer 4411 Extra-High Speed is suitable for those who want a top class sewing machine for doing heavy sewing task. Except for the beginners, this machine can be availed by the experts or home business owners.

Below are its features and their benefits-

  • The drop-in bobbin system and the clear view cover over the bobbin make the whole procedure of inserting and taking out the bobbin easy.
  • The motor of the machine has a speed of 1100 stitches per minute.
  • The bed plate is made of stainless steel which means it is highly durable.
  • The housing of this product is made of a heavy-duty metal frame that ensures efficient and smooth work of the machine also the machine will last for decades.
  • Convenient drop feeds lever and 4 step buttonhole which is fully automatic.
  • Included accessories involve power cord, instruction manual, foot control, multiple feet, seam ripper, lint brush, quilting guide, screwdriver, needles, auxiliary spool pin and bobbins.
  • Drop down free arm and 11 built-in stitches are available.

Singer 8763 Curvy Computerized free-arm Sewing Machine review:

The singer 8763 curvy is one of the most selling & the best sewing machine in the market not only because of its pretty look but also for the features it offers.

It has below beneficial features:

  • The timesaver SwiftSmart system which is none other than the automatic needle threader system will help you in effortless sewing.
  • The product comes with 30 preloaded stitches with adjustable width and length.
  • Automatic buttonhole features, and the incredible drop and sew bobbin system make your stitching more fun.
  • To keep your sewing space well lit, three StayBright LED lights are added.
  • Twin needles for parallel sewing.
  • The speed of the motor is 750 stitches per minute.
  • Six feed dogs, thread cutter, built-in carry handle, heavy duty metal frame etc are the other features of this machine.

 Brother SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine review:

This computerized sewing machine from brother has both the feature of sewing and embroidering hence suitable for those who want a machine for both sewing and embroidering.

It has below features-

  • An auto thread cutter and an auto needle threader are included.
  • LCD touch screen, embroidery area of 16 square inches, built-in 67 stitches and 98 stitch functions are added.
  • You can easily connect the software of the machine to a computer through the help of USB.
  • The machine has its library with 5 lettering fonts, 120 frame patterns, along with 70 designs.
  • Built in tutorials perfect for the beginners to learn sewing and embroidery.
  • 7-point feed dogs and a quick-set bobbin system are added.
  • The weight of the machine is 23.8 lbs.
  • Accessories included embroidery arm, 4 x 4 inches of the hoop, accessory compartment, Soft cover, USB Cable, Embroidery bobbin thread, Needle set, Scissors, Seam ripper, Cleaning brush, Touch Pen, Spool caps and Screwdriver.

Janome DC2012 Décor Computerized Sewing Machine review:

The Janome DC2012 Décor is best suited for professional use yet comes at very affordable price.

Hence it is also the best sewing machine for beginners .

Some of the best features it includes:

  • It has 50 different stitch patterns to choose from.
  • The product includes a LED 2 digit stitch pattern indicator.
  • Automatic one-step, 3 style buttonhole system.
  • All the stitches have adjustable width and length.
  • Thread cutter, snap on feet attachments, a see-through cover plate of the bobbin and 15 different needle position all the features will make your sewing comfortable.
  • Automatic needle threader saves your time.
  • It makes a little noise while working.
  • The clearly illustrated instruction manual is suitable for the beginners who have never used a sewing machine before.

Singer 7258 Stylist award-Winning Best Computerized Sewing Machine review:

This product is a combination of beautiful machine and efficient worker. Singer 7258 stylish award-winning computerized machine is the best fit for you if you are searching for a machine which looks beautiful yet works efficiently.

Both beginners and advanced users can get benefited by the product. Some of the features of this machine are-

  • The easy threading system helps you to thread the machine in few seconds.
  • 10 types of presser feet are added to this machine so that you can complete all your sewing and quilting projects easily. The added feet are- all purpose feet, zipper, buttonhole, overcasting, blind stitch or hem, Satin stitch foot, gathering foot, rolled hem foot, darning, and embroidery foot and finally the quarter inch presser foot.
  • Through a LED light, the work space is illuminated enough.
  • The LED screen of the machine let you select the stitch from all the 100 available stitch, also it let you select the width and the length of the stitch.
  • The top drop-in bobbin system also has a clear cover over it so that you can easily insert the bobbin without any trouble.
  • You can program the position of the needle to stop or start it from your desired position.
  • The feature of automatic tension ensures that every stitch quality is perfect on all the types of fabrics.

Brother Project Runway CS5055PRW Electric Sewing Machine review:

This electric sewing machine from Brother will be a good companion for the beginners as it offers great features. These features are also helpful for the advanced users.

Some of the features this product has:

The number one feature of this product is its lightweight which is very much suitable for portability.

  • The number one feature of this product is its lightweight which is very much suitable for portability.
  • The LCD display screen gives you enough ease to select your stitch pattern. Not only that you can select the width and the length of it, also the product will itself suggest you the appropriate foot for the pattern.
  • A LED light is given in the working area so that you can get enough light for proper sewing.
  • The automatic needle threader will save both of your time and labor.
  • The drop-in top bobbin facility is available; hence winding the bobbin is very easy.
  • 5 one–step automatic buttonholes are available for the neat making of the holes.
  • Accessories included in the pack are three bobbins, three piece set of needles, cleaning brush, custom screw driver, extra spool pin, seam ripper, foot controller pedal and an operation manual.

Brother XL2600i Sew Advance Sewing Machine review:

This affordable and easy to use Brother XL2600i advance is equipped with useful features which will never ditch you and be your perfect sewing companion for many years.

Some of the features of this best sewing machine are-

  • A rotational dial which acts as a stitch selector.
  • No need of reprogramming the dial after the machine is off.
  • Automatic threading option is available.
  • Drop-in bobbin system which is jam resistant.
  • One-step, built-in buttonhole system with an arm for sewing sleeves, cuffs, pant legs, and craft projects.
  • 25 numbers of built-in multiple functions stitch patterns.
  • Accessories include with this product are 5 different presser feet (including the zipper, buttonhole, blind stitch, button fitting, and narrow hemmer), twin needle, a needle set, extra spool pin, darning plate, 3 bobbins and a screwdriver.

Best Sewing Machine Brand Reviews:

Previously we have recommended you the list of top rated sewing machines that you can avail according to your needs. Now here we will discuss the best brands of sewing machines in the market right now.


Brother Sewing Machines review

No matter if you are a beginner, an experienced personnel or a fashion designer; no matter what your sewing needs are- heavy duty for home business or professional use or may be just for your every day sewing hobby a Brother machines are perfectly capable of fulfilling all your needs.

Brother has manufactured a variety of machines for the varied customer needs. That is why anyone can buy a machine from Brother. One of the main features that Brother has is the long durability.

All the machines are made on this common principle as Brother has adequately understood the needs of the customers and figured out longevity as the primordial one.

Other than that some of the usefulness of the machines that made Brother the number one brand for sewing machines are-

  • Their machines fit any budget.
  • All the products are easy to operate.
  • You can easily avail any of the products online and from your local retailers.
  • They always take care of their customers with community events and forums.

Some of the top picks from Brother are :

Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing Machine review

SE400 Combination Computerized Sewing Machine review
Embroidery Machine and Brother Quattro 2 6700D machine review

Juki Sewing Machines review

The unique technology based on which every Juki Sewing Machine is made makes the brand popular to the masters of the sewing art.

From the tailors to the designers all prefer Juki because of its heavy-duty work efficiency.

Mainly the sturdy build Juki machines are used by the businessmen as they are capable of taking up a huge amount of work yet prove durable.

Apart from the commercial use Juki also manufactures home sewing machines that are designed for daily, light amount of work.

Every Juki is designed with some common features and they are durability, speed and easy to use structure.

Also, Juki machines are made to fit each and every budget. You can avail any of the machines according to your needs without paying extra than the market standards, as with Juki affordability comes handy.

Some of the pros of the best sewing machines made by Juki are-

  • You can found machines of all ages and skill levels to match your necessity.
  • The competitive price that will beat all brands.
  • The products are highly durable.
  • East to use structure of the machines and a user manual which is clearly illustrated.

Some of the best & most selling sewing machines of Juki are:

Juki MO-654 DE sewing machine review

4.8 Rating

Juki HZL Exceed 300 sewing machine review

3.8 Rating

Juki HZL Exceed 400 sewing machine review

3.5 Rating


Janome Sewing Machines review

In the 1860s the New England Company and the Home Shuttle Company joined together and formed the New Home Sewing Machine Brand which was one of the most popular sewing machine manufacturers at that time.

After that in the 1960s the company was sold to the Japanese company Janome and from that day onwards the company got a new revolution.

The products that Janome manufactures have unique and interesting functions that come at affordable prices.

Some of the pros of the brand are

  • Lightweight machines with cost effectiveness.
  • Very easy to use.
  • Functions are unique and useable.
  • You can access their products online and offline easily.

One of the best sewing machine model by Janome is the Janome Horizon Memory Craft that has three distinctive bobbin cases for three different uses-

  • Regular Straight sewing,
  • Embroidery, zigzag sewing, fine threads,
  • And free motion quilting.

Other than that some of the other popular sewing machine models from Janome, are

Janome DC2014 sewing machine review

4.7 Rating

Janome CoverPro 2000 CPX sewing machine review

3.8 Rating

Janome New Home 7700 sewing machine review

4.9 Rating


Investing in the best sewing machine is like the lifetime investments as you want it to be highly durable. Now the market has provided us with lots of varieties and choices from where we can choose any.

But before choosing you must keep in mind that what your sewing needs are, as buying a machine that you can use to its full extent will be a cost effective deal for you.

From the popular brands like Brother, Juki, Janome or Singer, any sewing machine you choose will always come with 3 important features- affordability, reliability, and efficiency.

I hope this review guide will help you adequately in choosing the best sewing machine.

Happy Sewing folks!

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