To offer creative, useful, and functional products to our customers.

We want our customers to feel appreciated when they buy one of our products knowing that they are helping unfortunate students in Vietnam by giving them a piece of the money they are paying for the product.

The goal of Crazehut’s products is to bring joy and happiness to our customers when they set eyes on our cute merchandise. We want our customers to be overwhelmed with joy when our products appear in our customer’s mail knowing that they didn’t waste a penny on our good quality products.


Crazehut was founded on September 25, 2018 by a trio of mother-daughters team. The trio are travel enthusiasts and love to travel the world to experience new cultures and cuisines. They are animal lovers and foodies. While in Vietnam they discovered adorable pencil cases in the local supermarket. At that moment Crazehut was born!

 Crazehut’s goal is to create a meaningful experience traveling the world while conducting business and supporting communities through charity. 


Crazehut donated money to fund school supplies, bicycles, and scholarships to underprivileged students in Vietnam. 


Helena and Bella participated in a children’s business fair selling Crazehut products and ten percent of the money of the products was donated to underprivileged students in Vietnam.

Ms. Teen USA at children’s business fair

Myanmar “The Land of a Thousand Temples”


Dragon Boat Race, Long Beach, California

Nha Trang, Vietnam

Saba, Vietnam

Charity, V ietnam